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Termites live underground. When a structure such as a house is built, the structure settles and forms cracks in the foundation. Termites penetrate through these cracks entering your home, feeding on the wood structure around its foundation. In their search for food (wood/cellulose) and moisture, subterranean termites will squeeze through cracks as narrow as 1/32 of an inch to enter your home! Expansion joints, foundation cracks, tiny gaps around plumbing, and service entries are all potential entry points.


Certified Termite & Home Inspection’s Advanced Termite Bait System with Trelona is the latest advancement in termite bait technology via a dual-stage process that features an ultra-low disturbance design to pattern termites’ natural feeding behavior, leading to enhanced colony elimination.  The Advanced Termite Bait System is one of the most widely installed bait systems today.  Compared to other bait systems, the Advanced Termite Bait stations have larger, vertical slots that allow for maximum wood-to-soil contact, creating the perfect opportunity for termite attack.  (You want termite attacks in this case for them to take the bait.)  Once the baiting system is installed, you will receive a graph indicating where your termite baiting systems are located around your home. 



An optional $185 annual contract, an annual inspection is included.


Baiting system is not 100% guaranteed to eliminate every termite

Note: If you suspect a termite problem, Certified Termite will come out and perform an inspection at no cost. If termites are discovered, then a liquid treatment will be injected into the ground, wall or slab, where the termite activity is located.